FirstPlay® Infant Storytelling Massage

FirstPlay® is an Infant Play Therapy attachment-based storytelling model. It is a resiliency strength-based model that enhances the parent-infant attachment relationship. It combines the theoretical underpinnings of Developmental Play Therapy including Attachment Theory together with Ericksonian-based therapeutic storytelling. It is further supported by Family Play Therapy, the Infant Massage literature, and the research and ethics in touch.



FirstPlay® is so named because it focuses on the therapeutic aspects of pre-symbolic play, or play that happened first in a child’s life ~ “first-play” is, for example, the early joyful touch-based activity play that happens between a parent and infant such as “patty cake,” “peek-a-boo,” or sing-song games. FirstPlay® Therapy is an attachment-based approach that incorporates fun interactive touch-based activities that gives children the foundation needed to build healthy interpersonal relationships. Brain research supports that pre-symbolic play wires the brain for life-long intimacy, and for advanced cognitive ability and emotional regulation of distress.



FirstPlay® Therapy Benefits Parents and Children by:

  • Promoting caring and respectful touch
  • Enhancing attachment and bonding in relationships
  • Building upon children’s inner strengths and resilience
  • Teaching methods of focusing, calming and relaxation
  • Boosting brain potential
  • Inspiring fun and interactive storyteller-child activities
  • Children learn how to give caring touch to others
  • Promoting empathy in relationships

FirstPlay® Therapy enhances the parent-child attachment relationship and meets the needs of two different developmental stages:

  • FirstPlay® Infant Storytelling-Massage (ages birth to two years)
  • FirstPlay Kinesthetic Storytelling® (ages two to ten years…and beyond)